Our German and European brands span a wide variety of categories for both, retail and food service.

Take advantage of the large pool to choose from mix and match.
Create a unique selection and the best experience for your customers.

Natural Organic grocery

Clearspring has an awesome range of over 300 fine food and authentic Japanese products.
Clearspring products are produced using the finest organic ingredients, traditional production methods without chemical additives or preservatives.

Biona built on an unwavering commitment to 100% organic, ethically and sustainably sourced food, Biona began life on a kitchen table in London over 35 years ago.

Rinatura is one of the first all organic European grocery brands and has over 200 products.

Launched over 30 years ago om Germany, Rinatura has been a pioneer in the organic food world and keeps on innovating every day.

Organic & Vegan juice

Tradition, nature, quality, enjoyment and sustainability drive Beckers Bester since 1932. The certified vegan and colorful packaging combine with its good value makes this brand stand out. Its increasing popularity in Asia gives it the potential for a cult following.

The healthiest and most well-known juice in Germany since 1958.

Organic & Vegan Snack

Landgarten is a company with roots. To this day, they still manufacture all of their snacks at two production sites in their hometown, Bruck an der Leitha in Lower Austria.

Yava is all the smiles, moods and tastes of Bali. The finest East Indonesian vegan snacks.

Traditional german special

Zoller Hof is German Brew Craft Tradition at its finest.
With both traditional and innovative beers, this brand offers a fascinating range of German beers. The tradition of brewing Zoller-Hof beers in Sigmaringen on the river Danube dates back over 170 years.

Mestemacher was a samll village bakery founded in 1871. It’s now the world market leader and the world biggest producer of packaged rye bread.
Mestemacher offers it’s world famous Pumpkernickel and an innovative range of natuarl and organic grain and rye breads. 

Spreewald-Feldmann produces authentic pickled vegetable delicacies with 100% hand picked cucumbers from the Spreewald biosphere reserve near Berlin. Known for its pickled Gherkins, Spreewald-Feldman also offers sauerkraut and a wide range of other pickled vegetables.

traditional german mustard

Händlmaier is a traditional brand from 1914 and has grown to be the world's leader in sweet mustard. Using only the best raw ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer, Händlmaier has created an array of traditional and innovative suaces.

BBQ Sauces

Caribbean feeling in your mouth! Made with love and filled with sunshine. Only the best ingredients. Artfully joined. Prepared with the greatest care from original recipes. Refined with sunshine. Appealing high quality standard. Wrapped with love!

Out of love for the real thing: The PAINMAKER BBQ sauces and Liquid Smoke. Mainstream shouldn’t belong in a sauce. Instead, we put edge in it. Honed and improved it. With whiskey. With wow, kaboom and smoky crackling. From the original recipe from 1849.


Live life to the fullest and fulfil your health potential with Mr. Lowcarb!
Who says that eating healthy means restriction? You can enjoy the full taste of fresh and yummy dressings and follow the lifestyle that fits you. No buts, no caveats, just you!

Gourmet soups

The market leaders in Germany since 1880.
Juergen Langbein has a vast range of delicate gourmet soups. Every spoon is a pleasure! Soup specialty chef Jürgen Langbein creates based on family tradition founded the company in 1965.

More european cuisines

Celebrate the culinary delights and of Spanish cuisine and be thrown into its Mediterranean spirit with Ibero.
Paella, Gazpacho or Tapas - the flavors of the Iberian peninsula are world famous for a good reason. Ibero brings you a fantastic range of Spanish specialties.

Let the Greek Sun envelop you and get swept away to wonderland of taste with Liakada.
From dolmadakia to salatas and stuffed olives, the Greek cuisine is filled with unique delicacies. Explore this rich and deep culture through its unforgettable tastes.

Get passionate with the Italian charm of the authentic range from Leverno.
Classics like pestos, pasta and antipasti have become a staple of fine food and comfort food alike. Bring the fiery soul of the Mediterranean into your life!

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