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Who we serve


Independent and Organic Retailers is were our journey started. They still represent one of our core pillars and we are happy to call many our friends. Choosing a large number of items from our wide range gives you two advantages: low quantities per SKU and a custom balance of bestsellers and unique products.

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Supermarkets and Chains require a reliable supply and well established brands and good value. In addition to providing exclusivity on some of our brands, our international network enables us to serve you as a local supplier, an indent supplier or a European consolidator and exporter.

Are you looking for Private Label with German and European quality at reasonably low MOQs? Let us know your requirements and we’ll start the development for you today!

Food Service and Hospitality

Restaurants, Luxury Hotels, Clubs, Bars, Commercial Kitchens, Schools and Hospitals. All strive to provide their consumers with the highest quality foods and service. The basis for that is quality ingredients  a and timely supply.

To give your creativity the tools it needs, we offer both small sized and bulk packaging. We work closely with chefs and purchasers to source very specific items, because not everything is replaceable.  Since reliability is a key aspect to enable your service, we build individual buffer stocks for you and offer next day deliveries.

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It is common knowledge that a major part of life happens Online nowadays. More and more people shop for groceries on the internet and this trend is only increasing in the future. Stand out from your competition by testing items quickly and rotating your product offer driven by what your customers actually want.

We provide you with all the resources such as pictures, descriptions and nutrition facts for a convenient product setup. Most importantly, our flexible supply service allows you to buy your item after selling it.

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Events, Corporate & More

Are you planning an event and need some unique catering with style?
With our mobile Transformbar, we regularly participate in big public events or create the right atmosphere at private events. What we don’t have will be contributed by one of our business friends. We are your all in one food and beverage organizer.

Are you building or looking for an intriguing hamper to say thanks to valued customers, stakeholders and friends? Choose from a plethora of categories and themes to suit the occasion.

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Importers and distributors

Are you an Importer or Distributor and are looking for a flexible sources of brands and products? With companies in both the EU [Germany] and Asia [Hong Kong] our powerful and flexible structure can provide you with brand sourcing, private label and OEM development as well as consolidation of over 20.000 grocery items.

Choose your level of supply chain service from sourcing, to warehousing, to export declaration and shipping. We adjust to fit your business.

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